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Why online advertising ?

Targeting is one of the most important benefits of advertising online, because it gives you the ability to show your adverts to specific types of peoples, that they always looking for Offers/ Products / Services, and connect with your business on any device. Once people are aware of your product or service, you want them to start thinking about it and looking for more information via website or link or mailer. 

Beside that Digital & communication media growing fast, Also we can see at public place or surrounding 70% people's busy with his/her gadgets i.e. on Smart phone.


" vue offers near you at showroom or store, gym and fitness centre, beauty parlour or salon, institute or school, cafes or restaurant, Hotel stay, Hobby classes or learning, spa or massage service all around your location. "

front look of 'vue'

vue offers and discounts


Why neteyes ?

Get people excited about what you offer

Our Goal, is to provide the online info or products that having the Offers / Discount / a Percentage (%) Off / buy and get free, etc. because discounts can get purchaser, and purchaser mean new opportunities for cross and up sells, meaning more revenue in the long run as well Know More ...

Boost the audience by offer and increase traffic to business points. and to make an impact on potential customers who are planning their purchases.
Reach the right audience by targeting based on interests, geography, gender, device or select your audience Type, Locaton, Age.



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Create Business Listing, Business Public Page

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Getting started with Pages Free

Here people can search and get the information about the product , Company details SME business, and the company background and to know about the various offers providing by the brands local lites and business, and we helping them create their digital presence/ business public page and making it easier for them to do business. how to sell on neteyes ?

ADD your Business listing / info or Increase your business presence online, Business public page on neteyes

Basic Pages 1. Basic Details

•   Full Name
•   City
•   Email
•   I am M/F

One Mail ID For All ... mail for Confirmation.

Business Listing 2. Update Business Details

•   Business Name
•   Business Address
•   This is about
•   Business Category

Business Listing/ public page - a complete info, business profile, contact, Give Your Brand exclusive online presence.

Boost the audience by offer 'vue'

Increase business presence online

Add details 3. Add Wardrobe products 1, 2, 3 / Offer

•   Image Regarding
•   Image about (name)
•   Descriptions

Attached logo and write content regarding offer. | Create instant Offer/ Discount - directly thousand of your customer on neteyes/ vue.

Add products


Via mail 4. Get the business enquiries

sell online through us, Direct query, Offer enquirie, Via mail , via call

I own a business

If you have the showroom, MBOs, or Beauty and spa, Cafe or Restaurant, Gym or fitness centre, local business at commercial market and also a offer or discount on all articles or on selected article

Business Listing/ public page - a complete info, business profile, operational hour, contact | + ADD Branding for business point - attached logo and write content regarding offer. | Create instant Offer/ Discount - directly thousand of your customer.

I am Visitor

People prefer buying things on sale, discounts, so here Member or Visitor can get all the benifit, Grab offers.

With Over 4lac viewers and growing day on day and the most exclusive & effective program and get benefit. Here people can get the information about life style fashion health, latest Offer, Discount at near places and lots more ..

Getting started with Advert daily budget on neteyes

Ready to advertise on neteyes?

neteyes for sponsored page, business advertising, Choose your objective, To choose the right advertising objective, answer the question "what's the most important outcome I want from this business promotion ?
Business Promotion, neteyes awareness tools can give your business stand like soild ball, not bubble

Select Image 1. Select your page for Promotion

•  Select beautiful images to convey message
•  Select your audience (City located)
•   Link Web site or page

Images are the first thing people notice about your post. So take time choosing the images you put there | Interesting subject with quality shoot | Tell people about a sale or offer, such as a special happy hour or sale. | Before you can get someone to buy your product or services, you first need to let them know that these exist.


share info | online business promotion on neteyes

payment in 2. Select the daily budget

•   Place your order.

Enter your daily budget, and the time period which you want your adverts to run.


Need help | to promote your page.

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