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Why most of the womens look stunning in saree, Select the kind of saree and fabric meterials used and embroidery work, its help to choose look heavy or slim.

What is comes in you mind....

Top 5 Saree Brands for Women.

Alcis Sports Wear With Latest Technology
Alcis is a sportswear brand which has just opened store in Aliganj Lucknow UP

Life Style | 4/27/

How Many Ways To Use Offers
How many Ways to Use Offers, Offering discounts for your store, Coupons, Drive Revenue and Customer Loyalty, Types of Offers, When and How

Life Style | 11/10

Few Words Customers Love To Hear
Few Power full Words Your Customers Want to Hear. How do we decide between all the options we have every single day.

Life Style | 11/9/

इंटरनेशनल वीमन्स डे एक अलग थीम
इंटरनेशनल वीमन्स डे एक अलग थीम को लेकर चर्चा में है। इस बार वीमेन्स डे इस बात पर फोकस कर रहा है कि बदलती दुनिया में महिलाओं का एक बहुत बड़ा योगदान है

Life Style | 2/28/

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What suits your style Who dont want to be a good looking handsome men, but before to wear a know whats fits or suits on you

Note - Things to avoide in shirt.

What to wear and when all day is not a same day....

Look for Casual or Formal Shirts

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Pleats, Cuffs, Fly   

Casual or Work Trousers/ Pants, Trousers enter recorded history in the 6th century BC, on the rock carvings and artworks of Persepolis.

More Details –The perfect pair of trousers should follow the natural shape of a man’s body.

Top 5 Latest Trousers Brand

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Travelling Alone best gift
The first time I travelled alone, I was 13 years old. I went for a camp in the mountains, Travelling Alone Is the Best Gift You Can Give Yourself.

Life Style | 2/16/

Latest kurti styles Trending
Kurtis make an important item in the closet of every woman and your collection of kurtis, Gown style kurti, Anarkali kurtis, Trail cut kurti.

Life Style | 12/10

Getting a perfect bra
The lingerie, which is often considered as the insignificant part of dressing up, actually plays important part in boosting up the confidence of women.

Life Style | 11/19

Newly wed Bridal Look
Avoid all sorts of last minute rush, take a look at our First Day After Wedding Look and pick your favourite one.

Life Style | 11/18

Most expensive dress
It is a stylish building which was introduced last November 1 and consists with 450,000 crystals in its preparation.

Life Style | 11/17

Choose Right Sports Bra
It is a time-taking process to pick-up the perfect bra of your size, suiting your activity : on staying comfortable while working out

Life Style | 10/16

Select Children's Shoes
As your child begins to walk, you may have your first questions about what shoes he or she should wear

Life Style | 10/11

Wear Culottes Jumpsuits
Most common problems that you might be experiencing when choosing the appropriate jumpsuit for your body type.

Life Style | 10/9/

Wedding Lingerie - Dont Ignore
What to wear beneath at your wedding. This is because, it helps you stay in shape and also helps with the comfort levels as well

Life Style | 10/6/


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Desginer Suits or SImple Suits

It doesnt matter, but before to wear a suit you identify your body type

Note - Do we really know our body type.

What suits fabric say to us....

Collection of Suits and Salwar Kameez.

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